» tls_cert_request

Generates a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in PEM format, which is the typical format used to request a certificate from a certificate authority.

This resource is intended to be used in conjunction with a Terraform provider for a particular certificate authority in order to provision a new certificate. This is a logical resource, so it contributes only to the current Terraform state and does not create any external managed resources.

» Example Usage

resource "tls_cert_request" "example" {
  key_algorithm   = "ECDSA"
  private_key_pem = "${file("private_key.pem")}"

  subject {
    common_name  = "example.com"
    organization = "ACME Examples, Inc"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • key_algorithm - (Required) The name of the algorithm for the key provided in private_key_pem.

  • private_key_pem - (Required) PEM-encoded private key data. This can be read from a separate file using the file interpolation function. Only an irreversable secure hash of the private key will be stored in the Terraform state.

  • subject - (Required) The subject for which a certificate is being requested. This is a nested configuration block whose structure is described below.

  • dns_names - (Optional) List of DNS names for which a certificate is being requested.

  • ip_addresses - (Optional) List of IP addresses for which a certificate is being requested.

The nested subject block accepts the following arguments, all optional, with their meaning corresponding to the similarly-named attributes defined in RFC5280:

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported: