» TLS Provider

The TLS provider provides utilities for working with Transport Layer Security keys and certificates. It provides resources that allow private keys, certificates and certficate requests to be created as part of a Terraform deployment.

Another name for Transport Layer Security is Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. TLS and SSL are equivalent when considering the resources managed by this provider.

This provider is not particularly useful on its own, but it can be used to create certificates and credentials that can then be used with other providers when creating resources that expose TLS services or that themselves provision TLS certificates.

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» Example Usage

## This example create a self-signed certificate for a development
## environment.
## See the detailed documentation of each resource for further
## security considerations and other practical tradeoffs.

resource "tls_private_key" "example" {
  algorithm = "ECDSA"

resource "tls_self_signed_cert" "example" {
  key_algorithm   = "${tls_private_key.example.algorithm}"
  private_key_pem = "${tls_private_key.example.private_key_pem}"

  # Certificate expires after 12 hours.
  validity_period_hours = 12

  # Generate a new certificate if Terraform is run within three
  # hours of the certificate's expiration time.
  early_renewal_hours = 3

  # Reasonable set of uses for a server SSL certificate.
  allowed_uses = [

  dns_names = ["example.com", "example.net"]

  subject {
      common_name  = "example.com"
      organization = "ACME Examples, Inc"

# For example, this can be used to populate an AWS IAM server certificate.
resource "aws_iam_server_certificate" "example" {
  name             = "example_self_signed_cert"
  certificate_body = "${tls_self_signed_cert.example.cert_pem}"
  private_key      = "${tls_private_key.example.private_key_pem}"