» cobbler_repo

Manages a repo within Cobbler.

» Example Usage

resource "cobbler_repo" "my_repo" {
  name           = "my_repo"
  breed          = "apt"
  arch           = "x86_64"
  apt_components = ["main"]
  apt_dists      = ["trusty"]
  mirror         = "http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • apt_components - (Optional) List of Apt components such as main, restricted, universe. Applicable to apt breeds only.

  • apt_dists - (Optional) List of Apt distribution names such as trusty, trusty-updates. Applicable to apt breeds only.

  • arch - (Optional) The architecture of the repo. Valid options are: i386, x86_64, ia64, ppc, ppc64, s390, arm.

  • breed - (Required) The "breed" of distribution. Valid options are: rsync, rhn, yum, apt, and wget. These choices may vary depending on the version of Cobbler in use.

  • comment - (Optional) Free form text description.

  • createrepo_flags - (Optional) Flags to use with createrepo.

  • environment - (Optional) Environment variables to use during repo command execution.

  • keep_updated - (Optional) Update the repo upon Cobbler sync. Valid values are true or false.

  • mirror - (Required) Address of the repo to mirror.

  • mirror_locally - (Required) Whether to copy the files locally or just references to the external files. Valid values are true or false.

  • name - (Required) A name for the repo.

  • owners - (Optional) List of Owners for authz_ownership.

  • proxy - (Optional) Proxy to use for downloading the repo. This argument does not work on older versions of Cobbler.

  • rpm_list - (Optional) List of specific RPMs to mirror.

» Attributes Reference

All of the above Optional attributes are also exported.