» archive_file

Generates an archive from content, a file, or directory of files.

» Example Usage

# Archive a single file.

data "archive_file" "init" {
  type        = "zip"
  source_file = "${path.module}/init.tpl"
  output_path = "${path.module}/files/init.zip"

# Archive multiple files.

data "archive_file" "dotfiles" {
  type        = "zip"
  output_path = "${path.module}/files/dotfiles.zip"

  source {
    content  = "${data.template_file.vimrc.rendered}"
    filename = ".vimrc"

  source {
    content  = "${data.template_file.ssh_config.rendered}"
    filename = ".ssh/config"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

NOTE: One of source, source_content_filename (with source_content), source_file, or source_dir must be specified.

  • type - (Required) The type of archive to generate. NOTE: zip is supported.

  • output_path - (Required) The output of the archive file.

  • source_content - (Optional) Add only this content to the archive with source_content_filename as the filename.

  • source_content_filename - (Optional) Set this as the filename when using source_content.

  • source_file - (Optional) Package this file into the archive.

  • source_dir - (Optional) Package entire contents of this directory into the archive.

  • source - (Optional) Specifies attributes of a single source file to include into the archive.

The source block supports the following:

  • content - (Required) Add this content to the archive with filename as the filename.

  • filename - (Required) Set this as the filename when declaring a source.

» Attributes Reference

The following attributes are exported: