» acme_certificate DNS Challenge Providers

This subsection documents all of the DNS challenge providers that can be used with the acme_certificate resource.

For complete information on how to use these providers with the acme_certifiate resource, see here.

Refer to a specific provider on the left sidebar for more details.

» Relation to Terraform provider configuration

The DNS provider configuration specified in the acme_certificate resource is separate from any that you supply in a corresponding provider whose functionality overlaps with the certificate's DNS providers. This ensures that there are no hard dependencies between any of these providers and the ACME provider, but it is important to note so that configuration is supplied correctly.

As an example, if you specify manual configuration for the AWS provider via the provider block instead of the environment, you will still need to supply the configuration explicitly in the config block of the dns_challenge argument.

Note that some of Terraform's providers have environment variable settings that overlap with the settings here, generally depending on whether or not these variables are supported by the corresponding provider's SDK.

We alias certain provider environment variables so the same settings can be supplied to both ACME and the respective native cloud provider. For specific details, see the page for the provider in question.