» Terraform Ecosystem Community Events - 2018 Fall Gardening

HashiCorp does quarterly community gardening sessions for Terraform providers. Our second is September 12, 2018 for Azure. It is an all virtual event across time zones. As a user, you will be able to ask HashiCorp employees Azure Terraform provider questions in our Slack room (request invite). The concept is based on the Go Gardening idea.

What are we planning to do?

  • Weeding
  • New resources/data sources
  • Enhancements to existing resources/data sources
  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation
  • Verifying and adding tests to existing resources/data sources

Why we love hosting these?

  • We want to get our community involved and introduced to each other.
  • This allows people with all levels to participate from the small, medium to larger infrastructures. As well as the beginners having an opportunity to get positive support from more advanced users.

The Slack room is open and available for conversations among participants, drop ins, all while someone from HashiCorp will be available throughout the time zones.

Anything marked HashiCorp in Progress please reach out first via Slack please.

Please send all good, bad, and could be better feedback to beth@hashicorp.com so that we can make improvements on a continuous basis.

We really appreciate the communities feedback, help and participation. We also want to make sure we are bring you along with our roadmap and listening to your feedback about what business problems you are running into so that we can adjust quicker.