» Terraform Recommended Practices

This guide is meant for enterprise users looking to advance their Terraform usage from a few individuals to a full organization.

» Introduction

HashiCorp specializes in helping IT organizations adopt cloud technologies. Based on what we've seen work well, we believe the best approach to provisioning is collaborative infrastructure as code, using Terraform as the core workflow and Terraform Enterprise to manage the boundaries between your organization's different teams, roles, applications, and deployment tiers.

The collaborative infrastructure as code workflow is built on many other IT best practices (like using version control and preventing manual changes), and you must adopt these foundations before you can fully adopt our recommended workflow. Achieving state-of-the-art provisioning practices is a journey, with several distinct stops along the way.

This guide describes our recommended Terraform practices and how to adopt them. It covers the steps to start using our tools, with special attention to the foundational practices they rely on.

» Next

Begin reading with Part 1: An Overview of Our Recommended Workflow.