» Terraform Push Configuration

The terraform push command uploads a configuration to a Terraform Enterprise (legacy) environment. The name of the environment (and the organization it's in) can be specified on the command line, or as part of the Terraform configuration in an atlas block.

The atlas block does not configure remote state; it only configures the push command. For remote state, use a terraform { backend "<NAME>" {...} } block.

This page assumes you're familiar with the configuration syntax already.

» Example

Terraform push configuration looks like the following:

atlas {
  name = "mitchellh/production-example"

» Description

The atlas block configures the settings when Terraform is pushed to Terraform Enterprise. Only one atlas block is allowed.

Within the block (the { }) is configuration for Atlas uploading. No keys are required, but the key typically set is name.

No value within the atlas block can use interpolations. Due to the nature of this configuration, interpolations are not possible. If you want to parameterize these settings, use the Atlas block to set defaults, then use the command-line flags of the push command to override.

» Syntax

The full syntax is:

atlas {
  name = VALUE