» Command: untaint

The terraform untaint command manually unmarks a Terraform-managed resource as tainted, restoring it as the primary instance in the state. This reverses either a manual terraform taint or the result of provisioners failing on a resource.

This command will not modify infrastructure, but does modify the state file in order to unmark a resource as tainted.

» Usage

Usage: terraform untaint [options] name

The name argument is the name of the resource to mark as untainted. The format of this argument is TYPE.NAME, such as aws_instance.foo.

The command-line flags are all optional (with the exception of -index in certain cases, see above note). The list of available flags are:

  • -allow-missing - If specified, the command will succeed (exit code 0) even if the resource is missing. The command can still error, but only in critically erroneous cases.

  • -backup=path - Path to the backup file. Defaults to -state-out with the ".backup" extension. Disabled by setting to "-".

  • -index=n - Selects a single tainted instance when there are more than one tainted instances present in the state for a given resource. This flag is required when multiple tainted instances are present. The vast majority of the time, there is a maximum of one tainted instance per resource, so this flag can be safely omitted.

  • -lock=true - Lock the state file when locking is supported.

  • -lock-timeout=0s - Duration to retry a state lock.

  • -module=path - The module path where the resource to untaint exists. By default this is the root path. Other modules can be specified by a period-separated list. Example: "foo" would reference the module "foo" but "foo.bar" would reference the "bar" module in the "foo" module.

  • -no-color - Disables output with coloring

  • -state=path - Path to read and write the state file to. Defaults to "terraform.tfstate". Ignored when remote state is used.

  • -state-out=path - Path to write updated state file. By default, the -state path will be used. Ignored when remote state is used.