» Private Registries

The registry at registry.terraform.io only hosts public modules, but most organizations have some modules that can't, shouldn't, or don't need to be public.

You can load private modules directly from version control and other sources, but those sources don't support version constraints or a browsable marketplace of modules, both of which are important for enabling a producers-and-consumers content model in a large organization.

If your organization is specialized enough that teams frequently use modules created by other teams, you will benefit from a private module registry.

» Terraform Enterprise's Private Registry

Terraform Enterprise (TFE) includes a private module registry, available at both Pro and Premium tiers.

It uses the same VCS-backed tagged release workflow as the Terraform Registry, but imports modules from your private VCS repos (on any of TFE's supported VCS providers) instead of requiring public GitHub repos. You can seamlessly reference private modules in your Terraform configurations (just include a hostname in the module source), and TFE's UI provides a searchable marketplace of private modules to help your users find the code they need.

Terraform Enterprise's private module registry is documented here.

» Other Private Registries

Terraform can use versioned modules from any service that implements the registry API. The Terraform open source project does not provide a server implementation, but we welcome community members to create their own private registries by following the published protocol.