» VMware vCloud Director Provider

The VMware vCloud Director provider is used to interact with the resources supported by VMware vCloud Director. The provider needs to be configured with the proper credentials before it can be used.

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» Example Usage

# Configure the VMware vCloud Director Provider
provider "vcd" {
  user                 = "${var.vcd_user}"
  password             = "${var.vcd_pass}"
  org                  = "${var.vcd_org}"
  url                  = "${var.vcd_url}"
  vdc                  = "${var.vcd_vdc}"
  max_retry_timeout    = "${var.vcd_max_retry_timeout}"
  allow_unverified_ssl = "${var.vcd_allow_unverified_ssl}"

# Create a new network
resource "vcd_network" "net" {
  # ...

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are used to configure the VMware vCloud Director Provider:

  • user - (Required) This is the username for vCloud Director API operations. Can also be specified with the VCD_USER environment variable.
  • password - (Required) This is the password for vCloud Director API operations. Can also be specified with the VCD_PASSWORD environment variable.
  • org - (Required) This is the vCloud Director Org on which to run API operations. Can also be specified with the VCD_ORG environment variable.
  • url - (Required) This is the URL for the vCloud Director API endpoint. e.g. https://server.domain.com/api. Can also be specified with the VCD_URL environment variable.
  • vdc - (Optional) This is the virtual datacenter within vCloud Director to run API operations against. If not set the plugin will select the first virtual datacenter available to your Org. Can also be specified with the VCD_VDC environment variable.
  • max_retry_timeout - (Optional) This provides you with the ability to specify the maximum amount of time (in seconds) you are prepared to wait for interactions on resources managed by vCloud Director to be successful. If a resource action fails, the action will be retried (as long as it is still within the max_retry_timeout value) to try and ensure success. Defaults to 60 seconds if not set. Can also be specified with the VCD_MAX_RETRY_TIMEOUT environment variable.
  • maxRetryTimeout - (Deprecated) Use max_retry_timeout instead.
  • allow_unverified_ssl - (Optional) Boolean that can be set to true to disable SSL certificate verification. This should be used with care as it could allow an attacker to intercept your auth token. If omitted, default value is false. Can also be specified with the VCD_ALLOW_UNVERIFIED_SSL environment variable.