» panos_panorama_template_variable

This resource allows you to add/update/delete variables for both Panorama templates and template stacks.

Template variables are available in PAN-OS 8.1+.

» Example Usage

resource "panos_panorama_template_variable" "example" {
    template = "${panos_panorama_template.tmpl1.name}"
    name = "$example"
    type = "ip-address"
    value = ""

resource "panos_panorama_template" "tmpl1" {
    name = "MyTemplate"

» Argument Reference

One and only one of the following must be specified:

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The template's name. This must start with a dollar sign ($).
  • type - (Optional) The variable type. Valid values are ip-netmask (default), ip-range, fqdn, group-id, or interface.
  • value - (Required) The variable value.