» panos_licensing

This resource manages the licenses installed on the PAN-OS firewall.

Installing the standard auth code for the standard PAN-OS license key for the firewall causes the firewall to reboot. Thus it is recommended that you use this resource in a separate step of your overall firewall provisioning, as using this resource will cause the firewall to be temporarily inaccessible.

» Example Usage

resource "panos_licensing" "example" {
    auth_codes = ["code1", "code2"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • auth_codes - (Required) The list of auth codes to install.
  • delicense - (Optional, bool) Leave as true if you want to delicense the firewall when this resource is removed, otherwise set to false to prevent firewall delicensing. Delicensing requires that the licensing API key has been installed.
  • mode - (Optional) For delicense of true, the type of delicensing to perform. Right now, only auto is supported (no manual delicensing).

» Attribute Reference

The following attributes are available after read operations:

Licenses have the following attributes: