» panos_address_object

This resource allows you to add/update/delete address objects.

» Example Usage

resource "panos_address_object" "example" {
    name = "localnet"
    value = ""
    description = "The 192.168.80 network"
    tags = ["internal", "dmz"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The address object's name.
  • vsys - (Optional) The vsys to put the address object into (default: vsys1).
  • type - (Optional) The type of address object. This can be ip-netmask (default), ip-range, or fqdn.
  • value - (Required) The address object's value. This can take various forms depending on what type of address object this is, but can be something like or
  • description - (Optional) The address object's description.
  • tags - (Optional) List of administrative tags.