» DNS Provider

The DNS provider supports DNS updates (RFC 2136). Additionally, the provider can be configured with secret key based transaction authentication (RFC 2845).

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» Example Usage

# Configure the DNS Provider
provider "dns" {
  update {
    server        = ""
    key_name      = "example.com."
    key_algorithm = "hmac-md5"
    key_secret    = "3VwZXJzZWNyZXQ="

# Create a DNS A record set
resource "dns_a_record_set" "www" {
  # ...

» Configuration Reference

update - (Optional) When the provider is used for DNS updates, this block is required. Structure is documented below.

The update block supports the following attributes:

  • server - (Required) The IPv4 address of the DNS server to send updates to.
  • port - (Optional) The target UDP port on the server where updates are sent to. Defaults to 53.
  • key_name - (Optional) The name of the TSIG key used to sign the DNS update messages.
  • key_algorithm - (Optional; Required if key_name is set) When using TSIG authentication, the algorithm to use for HMAC. Valid values are hmac-md5, hmac-sha1, hmac-sha256 or hmac-sha512.
  • key_secret - (Optional; Required if key_name is set) A Base64-encoded string containing the shared secret to be used for TSIG.