» aws_wafregional_byte_match_set

Provides a WAF Regional Byte Match Set Resource for use with Application Load Balancer.

» Example Usage

resource "aws_wafregional_byte_match_set" "byte_set" {
  name = "tf_waf_byte_match_set"

  byte_match_tuples {
    text_transformation   = "NONE"
    target_string         = "badrefer1"
    positional_constraint = "CONTAINS"

    field_to_match {
      type = "HEADER"
      data = "referer"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) The name or description of the ByteMatchSet.
  • byte_match_tuple - Deprecated, use byte_match_tuples instead.
  • byte_match_tuples - (Optional)Settings for the ByteMatchSet, such as the bytes (typically a string that corresponds with ASCII characters) that you want AWS WAF to search for in web requests. ByteMatchTuple documented below.

ByteMatchTuples(byte_match_tuples) support the following:

  • field_to_match - (Required) Settings for the ByteMatchTuple. FieldToMatch documented below.
  • positional_constraint - (Required) Within the portion of a web request that you want to search.
  • target_string - (Required) The value that you want AWS WAF to search for. The maximum length of the value is 50 bytes.
  • text_transformation - (Required) The formatting way for web request.

FieldToMatch(field_to_match) support following:

  • data - (Optional) When the value of Type is HEADER, enter the name of the header that you want AWS WAF to search, for example, User-Agent or Referer. If the value of Type is any other value, omit Data.
  • type - (Required) The part of the web request that you want AWS WAF to search for a specified string.

» Remarks

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - The ID of the WAF ByteMatchSet.