» aws_spot_datafeed_subscription

To help you understand the charges for your Spot instances, Amazon EC2 provides a data feed that describes your Spot instance usage and pricing. This data feed is sent to an Amazon S3 bucket that you specify when you subscribe to the data feed.

» Example Usage

resource "aws_s3_bucket" "default" {
  bucket = "tf-spot-datafeed"

resource "aws_spot_datafeed_subscription" "default" {
  bucket = "${aws_s3_bucket.default.bucket}"
  prefix = "my_subdirectory"

» Argument Reference

  • bucket - (Required) The Amazon S3 bucket in which to store the Spot instance data feed.
  • prefix - (Optional) Path of folder inside bucket to place spot pricing data.

» Import

A Spot Datafeed Subscription can be imported using the word spot-datafeed-subscription, e.g.

$ terraform import aws_spot_datafeed_subscription.mysubscription spot-datafeed-subscription