» aws_ses_domain_mail_from

Provides an SES domain MAIL FROM resource.

» Example Usage

resource "aws_ses_domain_mail_from" "example" {
  domain           = "${aws_ses_domain_identity.example.domain}"
  mail_from_domain = "bounce.${aws_ses_domain_identity.example.domain}"

# Example SES Domain Identity
resource "aws_ses_domain_identity" "example" {
  domain = "example.com"

# Example Route53 MX record
resource "aws_route53_record" "example_ses_domain_mail_from_mx" {
  zone_id = "${aws_route53_zone.example.id}"
  name    = "${aws_ses_domain_mail_from.example.mail_from_domain}"
  type    = "MX"
  ttl     = "600"
  records = ["10 feedback-smtp.us-east-1.amazonses.com"] # Change to the region in which `aws_ses_domain_identity.example` is created

# Example Route53 TXT record for SPF
resource "aws_route53_record" "example_ses_domain_mail_from_txt" {
  zone_id = "${aws_route53_zone.example.id}"
  name    = "${aws_ses_domain_mail_from.example.mail_from_domain}"
  type    = "TXT"
  ttl     = "600"
  records = ["v=spf1 include:amazonses.com -all"]

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are required:

  • domain - (Required) Verified domain name to generate DKIM tokens for.
  • mail_from_domain - (Required) Subdomain (of above domain) which is to be used as MAIL FROM address (Required for DMARC validation)

The following arguments are optional:

  • behavior_on_mx_failure - (Optional) The action that you want Amazon SES to take if it cannot successfully read the required MX record when you send an email. Defaults to UseDefaultValue. See the SES API documentation for more information.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to the arguments, which are exported, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - The domain name.

» Import

MAIL FROM domain can be imported using the domain attribute, e.g.

$ terraform import aws_ses_domain_mail_from.example example.com