» aws_route

Provides a resource to create a routing table entry (a route) in a VPC routing table.

» Example usage:

resource "aws_route" "r" {
  route_table_id            = "rtb-4fbb3ac4"
  destination_cidr_block    = ""
  vpc_peering_connection_id = "pcx-45ff3dc1"
  depends_on                = ["aws_route_table.testing"]

» Example IPv6 Usage:

resource "aws_vpc" "vpc" {
  cidr_block                       = ""
  assign_generated_ipv6_cidr_block = true

resource "aws_egress_only_internet_gateway" "egress" {
  vpc_id = "${aws_vpc.vpc.id}"

resource "aws_route" "r" {
  route_table_id              = "rtb-4fbb3ac4"
  destination_ipv6_cidr_block = "::/0"
  egress_only_gateway_id      = "${aws_egress_only_internet_gateway.egress.id}"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

One of the following destination arguments must be supplied:

One of the following target arguments must be supplied:

Note that the default route, mapping the VPC's CIDR block to "local", is created implicitly and cannot be specified.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - Route Table identifier and destination

» Timeouts

aws_route provides the following Timeouts configuration options:

  • create - (Default 2 minutes) Used for route creation
  • delete - (Default 5 minutes) Used for route deletion

» Import

Individual routes can be imported using ROUTETABLEID_DESTINATION.

For example, import a route in route table rtb-656C65616E6F72 with an IPv4 destination CIDR of like this:

$ terraform import aws_route.my_route rtb-656C65616E6F72_10.42.0.0/16

Import a route in route table rtb-656C65616E6F72 with an IPv6 destination CIDR of 2620:0:2d0:200::8/125 similarly:

$ terraform import aws_route.my_route rtb-656C65616E6F72_2620:0:2d0:200::8/125