» aws_organizations_policy_attachment

Provides a resource to attach an AWS Organizations policy to an organization account, root, or unit.

» Example Usage

» Organization Account

resource "aws_organizations_policy_attachment" "account" {
  policy_id = "${aws_organizations_policy.example.id}"
  target_id = "123456789012"

» Organization Root

resource "aws_organizations_policy_attachment" "root" {
  policy_id = "${aws_organizations_policy.example.id}"
  target_id = "r-12345678"

» Organization Unit

resource "aws_organizations_policy_attachment" "unit" {
  policy_id = "${aws_organizations_policy.example.id}"
  target_id = "ou-12345678"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • policy_id - (Required) The unique identifier (ID) of the policy that you want to attach to the target.
  • target_id - (Required) The unique identifier (ID) of the root, organizational unit, or account number that you want to attach the policy to.

» Import

aws_organizations_policy_attachment can be imported by using the target ID and policy ID, e.g. with an account target

$ terraform import aws_organizations_policy_attachment.account 123456789012:p-12345678