» aws_opsworks_application

Provides an OpsWorks application resource.

» Example Usage

resource "aws_opsworks_application" "foo-app" {
  name        = "foobar application"
  short_name  = "foobar"
  stack_id    = "${aws_opsworks_stack.main.id}"
  type        = "rails"
  description = "This is a Rails application"

  domains = [

  environment = {
    key    = "key"
    value  = "value"
    secure = false

  app_source = {
    type     = "git"
    revision = "master"
    url      = "https://github.com/example.git"

  enable_ssl = true

  ssl_configuration = {
    private_key = "${file("./foobar.key")}"
    certificate = "${file("./foobar.crt")}"

  document_root         = "public"
  auto_bundle_on_deploy = true
  rails_env             = "staging"

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required) A human-readable name for the application.
  • short_name - (Required) A short, machine-readable name for the application. This can only be defined on resource creation and ignored on resource update.
  • stack_id - (Required) The id of the stack the application will belong to.
  • type - (Required) Opsworks application type. One of aws-flow-ruby, java, rails, php, nodejs, static or other.
  • description - (Optional) A description of the app.
  • environment - (Optional) Object to define environment variables. Object is described below.
  • enable_ssl - (Optional) Whether to enable SSL for the app. This must be set in order to let ssl_configuration.private_key, ssl_configuration.certificate and ssl_configuration.chain take effect.
  • ssl_configuration - (Optional) The SSL configuration of the app. Object is described below.
  • app_source - (Optional) SCM configuration of the app as described below.
  • data_source_arn - (Optional) The data source's ARN.
  • data_source_type - (Optional) The data source's type one of AutoSelectOpsworksMysqlInstance, OpsworksMysqlInstance, or RdsDbInstance.
  • data_source_database_name - (Optional) The database name.
  • domains - (Optional) A list of virtual host alias.
  • document_root - (Optional) Subfolder for the document root for application of type rails.
  • auto_bundle_on_deploy - (Optional) Run bundle install when deploying for application of type rails.
  • rails_env - (Required if type = rails) The name of the Rails environment for application of type rails.
  • aws_flow_ruby_settings - (Optional) Specify activity and workflow workers for your app using the aws-flow gem.

An app_source block supports the following arguments (can only be defined once per resource):

  • type - (Required) The type of source to use. For example, "archive".
  • url - (Required) The URL where the app resource can be found.
  • username - (Optional) Username to use when authenticating to the source.
  • password - (Optional) Password to use when authenticating to the source.
  • ssh_key - (Optional) SSH key to use when authenticating to the source.
  • revision - (Optional) For sources that are version-aware, the revision to use.

An environment block supports the following arguments:

  • key - (Required) Variable name.
  • value - (Required) Variable value.
  • secure - (Optional) Set visibility of the variable value to true or false.

A ssl_configuration block supports the following arguments (can only be defined once per resource):

  • private_key - (Required) The private key; the contents of the certificate's domain.key file.
  • certificate - (Required) The contents of the certificate's domain.crt file.
  • chain - (Optional) Can be used to specify an intermediate certificate authority key or client authentication.

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • id - The id of the application.