» aws_iam_openid_connect_provider

Provides an IAM OpenID Connect provider.

» Example Usage

resource "aws_iam_openid_connect_provider" "default" {
  url = "https://accounts.google.com"

  client_id_list = [

  thumbprint_list = []

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • url - (Required) The URL of the identity provider. Corresponds to the iss claim.
  • client_id_list - (Required) A list of client IDs (also known as audiences). When a mobile or web app registers with an OpenID Connect provider, they establish a value that identifies the application. (This is the value that's sent as the client_id parameter on OAuth requests.)
  • thumbprint_list - (Required) A list of server certificate thumbprints for the OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider's server certificate(s).

» Attributes Reference

In addition to all arguments above, the following attributes are exported:

  • arn - The ARN assigned by AWS for this provider.

» Import

IAM OpenID Connect Providers can be imported using the arn, e.g.

$ terraform import aws_iam_openid_connect_provider.default arn:aws:iam::123456789012:oidc-provider/accounts.google.com