» Data Source: aws_route53_zone

aws_route53_zone provides details about a specific Route 53 Hosted Zone.

This data source allows to find a Hosted Zone ID given Hosted Zone name and certain search criteria.

» Example Usage

The following example shows how to get a Hosted Zone from its name and from this data how to create a Record Set.

data "aws_route53_zone" "selected" {
  name         = "test.com."
  private_zone = true

resource "aws_route53_record" "www" {
  zone_id = "${data.aws_route53_zone.selected.zone_id}"
  name    = "www.${data.aws_route53_zone.selected.name}"
  type    = "A"
  ttl     = "300"
  records = [""]

» Argument Reference

The arguments of this data source act as filters for querying the available Hosted Zone. You have to use zone_id or name, not both of them. The given filter must match exactly one Hosted Zone. If you use name field for private Hosted Zone, you need to add private_zone field to true

  • zone_id - (Optional) The Hosted Zone id of the desired Hosted Zone.

  • name - (Optional) The Hosted Zone name of the desired Hosted Zone.

  • private_zone - (Optional) Used with name field to get a private Hosted Zone.

  • vpc_id - (Optional) Used with name field to get a private Hosted Zone associated with the vpc_id (in this case, private_zone is not mandatory).

  • tags - (Optional) Used with name field. A mapping of tags, each pair of which must exactly match a pair on the desired Hosted Zone.

    » Attributes Reference

All of the argument attributes are also exported as result attributes. This data source will complete the data by populating any fields that are not included in the configuration with the data for the selected Hosted Zone.

The following attribute is additionally exported: