» Alicloud Provider

The Alicloud provider is used to interact with the many resources supported by Alicloud. The provider needs to be configured with the proper credentials before it can be used.

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» Example Usage

# Configure the Alicloud Provider
provider "alicloud" {
  access_key = "${var.access_key}"
  secret_key = "${var.secret_key}"
  region     = "${var.region}"

data "alicloud_instance_types" "2c4g" {
  cpu_core_count = 2
  memory_size = 4

# Create a web server
resource "alicloud_instance" "web" {
  # cn-beijing
  image_id          = "ubuntu_140405_32_40G_cloudinit_20161115.vhd"
  internet_charge_type  = "PayByBandwidth"

  instance_type        = "${data.alicloud_instance_types.2c4g.instance_types.0.id}"
  system_disk_category = "cloud_efficiency"
  security_groups      = ["${alicloud_security_group.default.id}"]
  instance_name        = "web"
  vswitch_id = "vsw-abc12345"

# Create security group
resource "alicloud_security_group" "default" {
  name        = "default"
  description = "default"
  vpc_id = "vpc-abc12345"

» Authentication

The Alicloud provider accepts several ways to enter credentials for authentication. The following methods are supported, in this order, and explained below:

  • Static credentials
  • Environment variables

» Static credentials

Static credentials can be provided by adding access_key, secret_key and region in-line in the alicloud provider block:


provider "alicloud" {
  access_key = "${var.access_key}"
  secret_key = "${var.secret_key}"
  region     = "${var.region}"

» Environment variables

You can provide your credentials via ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY and ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY environment variables, representing your Alicloud access key and secret key respectively. ALICLOUD_REGION is also used, if applicable:

provider "alicloud" {}


$ export ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY="anaccesskey"
$ export ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY="asecretkey"
$ export ALICLOUD_REGION="cn-beijing"
$ terraform plan

» Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • access_key - This is the Alicloud access key. It must be provided, but it can also be sourced from the ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY environment variable.

  • secret_key - This is the Alicloud secret key. It must be provided, but it can also be sourced from the ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY environment variable.

  • region - This is the Alicloud region. It must be provided, but it can also be sourced from the ALICLOUD_REGION environment variables.

  • security_token - Alicloud Security Token Service. It can be sourced from the ALICLOUD_SECURITY_TOKEN environment variable.

  • account_id - (Optional) Alibaba Cloud Account ID. It is used by the Function Compute service and to connect router interfaces. If not provided, the provider will attempt to retrieve it automatically with STS GetCallerIdentity. It can be sourced from the ALICLOUD_ACCOUNT_ID environment variable.

Nested endpoints block supports the following:

  • log_endpoint - (Optional) The self-defined endpoint of log service, referring to Service Endpoints. It can be sourced from the LOG_ENDPOINT environment variable.

  • fc - (Optional) Use this to override the default endpoint URL constructed from the region. Referring to Function Compute Service Endpoints. It's typically used to connect to custom Function Compute service endpoints. It can be sourced from the FC_ENDPOINT environment variable.

» Testing

Credentials must be provided via the ALICLOUD_ACCESS_KEY, ALICLOUD_SECRET_KEY environment variables in order to run acceptance tests.