» terraform enterprise

Kind: Standard (with no locking)

Reads and writes state from a Terraform Enterprise workspace.

This backend is useful for uncommon tasks like migrating state into a Terraform Enterprise workspace, but we no longer recommend using it as part of your day-to-day Terraform workflow. Since it performs runs outside of Terraform Enterprise and updates state directly, it does not support Terraform Enterprise's collaborative features like workspace locking. To perform Terraform Enterprise runs from the command line, use Terraform Enterprise's CLI-driven workflow instead.

» Example Configuration

terraform {
  backend "atlas" {
    name = "example_corp/networking-prod"
    address = "https://app.terraform.io" # optional

We recommend using a partial configuration and omitting the access token, which can be provided as an environment variable.

» Example Referencing

data "terraform_remote_state" "foo" {
  backend = "atlas"
  config {
    name = "example_corp/networking-prod"

» Configuration variables

The following configuration options / environment variables are supported:

  • name - (Required) Full name of the workspace (<ORGANIZATION>/<WORKSPACE>).
  • ATLAS_TOKEN/ access_token - (Required) A Terraform Enterprise user API token. We recommend using the ATLAS_TOKEN environment variable rather than setting access_token in the configuration.
  • address - (Optional) The URL of a Terraform Enterprise instance. Defaults to the SaaS version of Terraform Enterprise, at "https://app.terraform.io"; if you use a private install, provide its URL here.