» manta

Kind: Standard (with locking within Manta)

Stores the state as an artifact in Manta.

» Example Configuration

terraform {
  backend "manta" {
    path       = "random/path"
    objectName = "terraform.tfstate"

Note that for the access credentials we recommend using a partial configuration.

» Example Referencing

data "terraform_remote_state" "foo" {
  backend = "manta"
  config {
    path       = "random/path"
    objectName = "terraform.tfstate"

» Configuration variables

The following configuration options are supported:

  • account - (Required) This is the name of the Manta account. It can also be provided via the SDC_ACCOUNT or TRITON_ACCOUNT environment variables.
  • user - (Optional) The username of the Triton account used to authenticate with the Triton API. It can also be provided via the SDC_USER or TRITON_USER environment variables.
  • url - (Optional) The Manta API Endpoint. It can also be provided via the MANTA_URL environment variable. Defaults to https://us-east.manta.joyent.com.
  • key_material - (Optional) This is the private key of an SSH key associated with the Triton account to be used. If this is not set, the private key corresponding to the fingerprint in key_id must be available via an SSH Agent. Can be set via the SDC_KEY_MATERIAL or TRITON_KEY_MATERIAL environment variables.
  • key_id - (Required) This is the fingerprint of the public key matching the key specified in key_path. It can be obtained via the command ssh-keygen -l -E md5 -f /path/to/key. Can be set via the SDC_KEY_ID or TRITON_KEY_ID environment variables.
  • insecure_skip_tls_verify - (Optional) This allows skipping TLS verification of the Triton endpoint. It is useful when connecting to a temporary Triton installation such as Cloud-On-A-Laptop which does not generally use a certificate signed by a trusted root CA. Defaults to false.
  • path - (Required) The path relative to your private storage directory (/$MANTA_USER/stor) where the state file will be stored. Please Note: If this path does not exist, then the backend will create this folder location as part of backend creation.
  • objectName - (Optional) The name of the state file (defaults to terraform.tfstate)