» azurerm (formerly azure)

Kind: Standard (with state locking)

Stores the state as a given key in a given blob container on Microsoft Azure Storage. This backend also supports state locking and consistency checking via native capabilities of Microsoft Azure Storage.

» Example Configuration

terraform {
  backend "azurerm" {
    storage_account_name = "abcd1234"
    container_name       = "tfstate"
    key                  = "prod.terraform.tfstate"

Note that for the access credentials we recommend using a partial configuration.

» Example Referencing

data "terraform_remote_state" "foo" {
  backend = "azurerm"
  config {
    storage_account_name = "terraform123abc"
    container_name       = "terraform-state"
    key                  = "prod.terraform.tfstate"

» Configuration variables

The following configuration options are supported:

  • storage_account_name - (Required) The name of the storage account
  • container_name - (Required) The name of the container to use within the storage account
  • key - (Required) The key where to place/look for state file inside the container
  • access_key / ARM_ACCESS_KEY - (Optional) Storage account access key
  • environment / ARM_ENVIRONMENT - (Optional) The cloud environment to use. Supported values are:

The following configuration options must be supplied if access_key is not.